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Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 00:27:05 EEST

There's a thought. Do you know where to find it?

To Steven's question. We were using the oil to create a barrier between the water in the investment and the model. I'm told that water is not particularily friendy to the wax. We did some experimentation with dusting the models in dry investment prior to pouring the slurry. This worked very well for the blistering and flashing but left an unacceptable texture.

Although this is not part of the reason that I was given, I think that when my SB ships the parts with a light oil coating, they are less brittle. It may be my imagination, but it seems that the waxes become more brittle if they are subject to changes in environmental conditions (ie. air conditioning to humid outdoors to air conditioning). Has anyone else had this experience?

-Cate Minich
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  I wonder how the starch based foams would work. Spray it on, let cure. Remove by soaking in water. Ron Ohler
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    I have been shipping parts in a polyester fiberfill material available from Wal-Mart. The parts are placed in a 3x3x1 box within the fiberfill. That box is then placed in a larger box with large bubble wrap to isolate the inner box from shock.
    The only breakage I have ever had was one item where we had a very long thin sprue. As it turned out we were never did find a way of shipping that part without breakage, after three builds we gave up....
    I hope you will also share your summary of information about "blistering" with the rest of the group. How did the oil play a part in your method and what was the consensus of opinions
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