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Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 22:05:45 EEST

On Sun, 13 May 2001, Catherine Minich wrote:
> Although this is not part of the reason that I was given, I think that when my SB ships the parts with a light oil coating, they are less brittle. It may be my imagination, but it seems that the waxes become more brittle if they are subject to changes in environmental conditions (ie. air conditioning to humid outdoors to air conditioning). Has anyone else had this experience?

I have noticed that the parts seem to get more fragile when they dry
out. Shipping them damp - with a bit of moistened paper towel in a
ziplock bag - seems to help, and I wouldn't be surprised if an oil
coating had the same effect.

It doesn't entirely solve the problem for my parts, which have to be
some of the world's worst parts for shipping. I'm happy this thread
is here, because I'm at wit's end with this problem. I had been using
a polyester fiberfill material, double boxed as Steve Adler describes,
but lately the breakage rates have been unacceptable with that method.
I am really tired of sending 20 waxes and having 5 or 7 arrive.

The baking-soda idea sounds interesting. My foundryman wants me to
try shipping them floating in sealed containers of oil packed in
vermiculite...this seems like a lot of work, but I guess I'm desperate
enough to try it.

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> I wonder how the starch based foams would work. Spray it on, let cure. Remove by soaking in water.

Couldn't hurt to try. Is this something that I can get retail?

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