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Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 14:53:18 EEST

Dear Steinar Killi,

making those small prototypes is possible, and there are some companies
worldwide offering this as a service. In my opinion a very good way to
manufacture small prototypes is the (micro)stereolithography process.

One of our project partners is a service bureau in Germany, Alphaform AG
( Together with them and other partners we have
investigated the possibility of higher resolution stereolithography and ways
to upgrade conventional stereolithography systems. Now Alphaform is able to
make those small parts as a normal service. Some good examples to see what
is possible (e.g. a small turbine) you can find at .

If you have your own stereolithography system you can possibly upgrade this
system for higher resolution. For this you should contact Mr. Ralf Deuke
from Alphaform (email:

Best regards,

Carsten Tille

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Betreff: Very small prototypes

Dear list!

We are trying to find a method to make prototypes of a very small turbin,
Diameter 9 mm, height 2 mm, the turbinblades are 0.5 mm thick.
Is this possible? and if so, who could do it?
Drawings of the turbin can be achieved by contacting me either by mail
or by phone.


Steinar Killi
Ass. Professor
Oslo School of Arxhitecture (Norway)
ph: +47 22 99 71 46

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