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For OE 5 it is not in Options. It is covered in Message Rules > Mail in the Tools drop down menu.
Here you can configure what you need to avoid problems with attachments including, having
them NOT downloaded from the server, deleted from the server, moved to a specific folder automatically for closer scrutiny
or blocked altogether from a specific address.

Given that you should not be receiving attachments through RPML, set up rules for that
address. Attachments (as well as the body of the message) cannot even make it to
your Inbox!

e- me directly if I can help any further.

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> > a) configure your email software so that it will not open any attachments
> > automagically
> > b) dispale all autosend routines from you software
> Hannu,
> Can you help us out a little more on these two subjects? I've looked in
> the Options area of Outlook Express 5 and don't find parameters for these
> two items. Can you send instructions for setting them?
> Thanks for your management of this list.
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