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From: Joseph P. Frantz (
Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 17:24:18 EEST

Thank you for the kind words. We had a lot of fun putting together the RPML Co-Op project and especially watching people try to figure out the puzzle. Paul Louder gets the credit for the puzzle idea.
The mold inserts that we ran most of the show were made out of DTM's new LaserForm ST-100 material and on the last day we received a set of Bridge Tooling inserts from Simon Marriott of Silhouette Designs in Australia. I won't bore everyone with my Tooling/Molding qualifications to make recommendations, but just say that both of these processes are good jumps forward in RT and deserve consideration. We are currently working on a new tooling trial that will incorporate these processes with a more complicated geometry and a new solids design software package. We will be doing some life testing so I will keep everyone posted.
The most exciting part of the RPML Co-Op project was due to Vesta Costa of Tyco and Object. Vesta did not come to the show with personalized inserts to mold with the puzzle but that did not stop her. She pulled out her laptop, designed some inserts with her logo and talked Object into running the inserts. We ran personalized parts for her on Thursday and the whole process took place at the show in less 24 hours. That's Rapid Tooling.
Also, thanks to Mark Horner and The Technology House in Solon, Ohio for running two sets of personalized SLA inserts for us. I was rushed to get ready for the show and forgot to reverse the lettering on the first set so Mark delivered a second set to the show. So much for my qualifications.
Thanks SME, great show.


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