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From: Joshua Bleeth (ilogic@runbox.com)
Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 19:04:03 EEST


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joshua Bleeth, I am lead artist and
director of an art-studio based in the Ukraine. My company is called '
Inverse Logic inc.' and is situated in the pleasant town of Kiev. I have a
team of 26 very competent and professional artists, each possessing between
5 and 7 years experience working within the 3D modelling/visualization, Film and Computer-games industry.
All are experienced and proficient in: 3DS Max, Character Studio, AutoCAD, Corel Draw
and Photoshop and many other relatated programs.

 We have produced high & low polygon models for titles such as: Vicarious
Vision's 'Polaris Snocross', Nival's ' Allods - The Sealed Mystery',
Deibus's ' Biker Extreme' and recently Pineapple Interactive's 'Crash' which
is still in development.
 Our experience in broadcast design is many high polygon characters, morph
targets and Character Studio sets for 2 Hollywood broadcast projects, but
due to the terms laid down in our contract we are as yet unable to mention
their names.

 We are constantly looking to broaden our clientele whenever project
commitments allow us to, which is why I am introducing myself to you right
now. We are approaching the end of some of our current projects and will
soon have artists who are free to start other work.

 We however, must work remotely and whilst we are aware this may seem like a
drawback, we can promise you a very, very swift and professional service. We
can also offer the advantage of much lower prices than are available in the
USA or UK due to the lower income required to live in the Ukraine. Please
rest assured our work is worth
4 or 5 times as much if we were based anywhere else. Regardless of the
finances for your project, we will allow you sleep easy at night and not
worry at all about your artwork deadlines - if need be, we can work around
the clock, 24 hours a day.

 We would be very pleased to hear from you, and if you like, you may send us
some sample work which we shall produce on your approval; if you do not like
what we produce then you do not have to pay ( we are very confident you will
be delighted with our standard of work ). Should you decide to use us, then
work is always delivered
via the internet on approval. If you are not happy at all then we shall redo
the work until you are happy.

 Please take the time to view our website which has examples of our artwork
dating back over 6 years:


 I look forward to hearing your comments and answering any of your

 I thank you for your time,

Joshua Bleeth

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