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Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 18:56:59 EEST

Hello again list,

Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry for information on Alumilite.

Unfortunately the only responses I was able to receive were those sent directly to my e-mail address. This due to the actions of our assistant system administrator who noticed high e-mail traffic from the RP-ML and, in his infinite wisdom, decided it must be spam and blocked it. After I questioned him, yesterday afternoon, about the conspicuous absence of list mail he admitted to the deed and assured me he would remove the block right away. Since I had no new mail from the list this morning I have no confidence that he has completed that task as yet.

If anyone responded to the list I would greatly appreciate it if you would forward your response to my direct e-mail address.

>From your responses I have learned the following:
  a.. Alumilite, a two part resin, can be mixed with a powdered aluminum filler and cast into the desired shape for use in the fashion described in my inquiry. De-gassing would be necessary to eliminate any voids caused by the mixing.
  b.. Vantico has a machinable composite mold material called Ren Shape-Express 2000 which is designed for use as injection mold tooling.
  c.. Nest Technologies has Metapor - F100 which a micro-porous air-permeable aluminum material designed for vacuum form tooling that might serve the purpose.
  d.. Model Master offers a material called "Alumilike" which is an aluminum filled resin available in 2 X 2 X 15" bars and 12 X 12 X 2" squares for use as short run low temp. mold tooling.
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