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We have found that if the surface you place your vents and drains on is not flat, or is inclined at more than about 2 degrees, or is a slight radius, then this can cause them not to build fully. We have seen very small sections of the vent or drain build almost like a pin hole. This can cause you more problems if you do not find it in the pressure checking process.
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Although I've had this problem of vents and drains not building, I have not had a build fail due to it (yet!). As Dan has described, we've had to manually drill holes in the completed parts to get the resin to drain out. This becomes tedious and difficult with a large platform full of parts, so we end up wasting more resin and taking more time.

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>This is definitely a software bug, and very annoying at that. Sometimes
>the vents and drains will appear in only one single layer of the fill, and
>then get covered up in subsequent layers. I have sent numerous examples to
>3D in hopes that they will resolve the problem. Previewing all layers with
>vents & drains will let you be aware of any problems, but I have not found
>a way to get them to build; I've tried several different things, like
>editing the z value of the vent or drain in the *.V_D file, shifting the
>part in Z..... I gave up.

don't tell me this since I seldom build QC and as fate would have it I am
in the middle of a 94hour build. No wonder my last QC parts kept failing
but no one at 3D knew why. Anything I should do since I am about 72 hours
into this build?


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