Re: Anyone Know of a Good Powder Coat Company?

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Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 03:38:42 EEST


Here are 3 places you might try:

Bob Eisel Powder Coating Services

Lorac Powder Coating Services

ECO Science

I've used Lorac on some steel tubing while doing an automotive restoration
and the quality, price, and speed of service were very good. If you're going
to give anyone a large contract such as 1.5 million parts annually you may
want to get some additional references to make sure of the quality and the
ability to meet your production numbers.

Good Luck,
Glenn Whiteside

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Subject: Anyone Know of a Good Powder Coat Company?

> Dear List:
> I am looking for a company who can powder coat an initial prototype run of
> brass parts plus runs of 1.5 million parts annually. My customer also
> a partner to develop and mix three custom color matches. Speed is
> as several attempts to mix specific colors will be needed within a four
> window.
> Thanks in advance.
> Adrian Enochian
> Director of Sales
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