IMS T2 Part

From: Geoff Wakeley (
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 06:27:10 EEST

QMI(including myself) was involved in the original IMS project with Dick
Aubin back in 1992(seems an eternity ago!). This involved two test/benchmark
parts - T1 & T2.
We have the T1 STL file.

We are currently pursuing research in another area, and are trying to obtain
the STL file for the original T2 part.
The *.exe files(t1.exe & t2.exe) on the Clemson FTP site report errors when
attempting to run or extract them (they appear to be 16bit programs).

Does anyone have access to the T2 STL file?
If so, can you contact me to discuss how I may obtain it.
Thanks again for your help.

Thanks & Regards,

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