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I am a student in Chemical Engineering department at
Geogia Tech. I am now trying to figure out how to get
the kinetics for the cure of SL resin so that the
temperature profile during SL process can be
investigated and thus some modifications in materials
and/or process can be made.

I am asking if anyone knows of any research paper, web
sites or case studies which show this in some way and
will help me on this topic.

It would be greatly appreciated if I can get any help
from anyone.

Best regards,

Dear Yanyan:

Take a look at our site, the Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping. There
are more than 3,000 papers and articles in the bibliography.

>From the home page, click on "publications" and then the link to "Mom, The
Mother of All RP Bibliographies."

 <A HREF="">Worldwide Guide to Rapid

There are some very interesting articles by Richard Chartoff et al concerning
reaction rates of stereolithography resins. They appeared in the SFF
Proceedings a couple of years back. Try searching on "Chartoff and resins"
to dig these out.

Hope this helps.


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