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From: jim quinn (
Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 20:56:12 EEST

Brock -

Boron loaded polyethylene and boron loaded epoxy
are very common materials for shielding in research
reactors and power reactors. The boron and hydrogen
act as a dynamic duo in slowing and capturing the neutrons.
However, they have no effect on the gammas, unless you
use lead in the mix. You can buy the B-PE in sheets,
rods, pellets, etc.... For the B-epoxy, you mix it yourself.

B-Duraform would also be very good for making complicated
shield components around detectors, guides, crystals, etc...


>> Brock
>> Boron powder - to modify the amount and type of radio-active particles
>> getting to some very clever electronics.
>> John
>> > John,
>> >
>> > Do you mean boron whiskers or boron tape? I think some of the bicycle
>> > frame makers used borron tape or strips to strengthen stress points on some
>> > of their one-piece composite frames back in the '80s or early '90s.
>> >
>> > Brock Hinzmann
>> > John Wright wrote:
>> > >Anybody got experience of Boron loaded plastic parts - either as vac RIM or
>> > >injection moulded. Regards John WrightResponse Associates

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