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Do you have STLs available?

If so we can Moldflow them (for free) with your required production gate position and quote you for Swiftool moulds to run a batch of parts off. Cost & delivery is roughly equivalent to vac. casting, but you get real injection moulded parts, made on industry standard Boy injection moulding machines, using production packing, clamp and injection pressures.

The only real variable from a conventional production tool is cooling time between shots (NOT solidification times of the molten plastic in the mould).

Master pattern would be small spot SLA or machined metal master if necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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>>> "Ron Clemons" <> 05/06/01 19:58:48 >>>
I'm sure every bureau gets their share of these, but.....I have a customer who needs some "choice plastic" protos, with very small detail for functional testing, and of course they don't want to spend a lot of money! Therefore, tooling/molding and fine-detail machining come to mind first. The standard RP methods have been ruled out because the teeth need to be fully filled and the strength requirements exceed the capabilities of the RP stuff. The customer is having low cost tooling done overseas, but wants some parts beforehand for testing. Any realistic realistic suggestions are welcomed.

"Ring Part"
* outer dims: 1.30"D x .180"H
* teeth: on top of ring, .046" base, .034" from base to apex
* ribs: .29" base x .009" apex
* material: nylon 6

"Tubular Part"
* outer dims: 1.135"D x 4.913L
* has threads on one end on the OD
* material ABS

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