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For some reason your email server will not let me reply to your private enquiry directly - the answer is yes, for the moldflow element only.

Apologies to other list users!

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To quote deep thinker and TV star, Homer Simpson....."DOHHH!" My customer decided to modify an existing hard tool in Taiwan to get by on this project. However, I truly appreciate the rapid responses you provided and we will utilize this new new knowledge on future projects. Below I've listed the ideas that were proposed to me. Thanks for the help everyone.

  a.. Direct AIM tooling from small spot SLA
  b.. Fine detail CNC
  c.. STAT tooling
  d.. 3D Keltool
  e.. RTV tooling from high-res Sanders patterns
  f.. Nickel electroformed mold face tooling

Ron Clemons
Harvest Technologies
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  I'm sure every bureau gets their share of these, but.....I have a customer who needs some "choice plastic" protos, with very small detail for functional testing, and of course they don't want to spend a lot of money! Therefore, tooling/molding and fine-detail machining come to mind first. The standard RP methods have been ruled out because the teeth need to be fully filled and the strength requirements exceed the capabilities of the RP stuff. The customer is having low cost tooling done overseas, but wants some parts beforehand for testing. Any realistic realistic suggestions are welcomed.

  "Ring Part"
  * outer dims: 1.30"D x .180"H
  * teeth: on top of ring, .046" base, .034" from base to apex
  * ribs: .29" base x .009" apex
  * material: nylon 6

  "Tubular Part"
  * outer dims: 1.135"D x 4.913L
  * has threads on one end on the OD
  * material ABS

  Ron Clemons
  Harvest Technologies
  "Where Innovation Takes Shape"


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