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Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 18:47:34 EEST


Paraform is the latest technical breakthrough in reverse engineering CAD
models from point clouds or other digitized objects. It will accept points
(IGES, ascii, XYZ, obj, even color info) or polymeshes (STL, PLY, OBJ) and
create surfaces or solids for any downstream CAD/CAM/CAE aplication.

The powerful next generation technology greatly simplifies the process.
Anyone doing this type of work needs to take a look at how Paraform can help
make them succesful.

SIMPLE to use: train easily in one day, no prior experience
FAST and EFFICIENT: time savings of 50-90%
SCALABLE: from automated to precise control of surfaces
VERSATILE: Compliments any existing CAD system and any scanner/probe
POWERFUL: Built to handle even the most complex forms

Paraform is competatively priced, and already installed in over 170
companies including:
Mattel, Hasbro, Fisher Price, Ericsson, Boeing, Adidas, Titleist,
Invisalign, GE, Sumitomo Electric..
Ford, Toyota, Daimler Chrysler, Suzuki, Nissan, Mack, Porsche, Audi, GM,
Honda, Subaru...


Giorgos (George) Hatzilias
Application Engineer, Paraform, Inc.
1010 Huntcliff, Suite 1350, Atlanta GA 30350
Phone: 770-518-2451 Fax: 770-518-2452
Mobile: 770-330-3526

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     I'm looking for software to convert 3D bitmap or point cloud
     information to a solid model file. Is there a software available now?


     Bob Olson
     Molex Inc.
     Fax 630-512-8617

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