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From: Glen Young (
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 16:57:55 EEST

$25,000 or best offer.

>>> "IJ (Irene) George" <> 06/18/01 08:49AM >>>
Mr. Young,
How much are you asking for your LOM 2030E. We may be interested.
Thanks, Irene George

>From: "Glen Young" <>
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>Subject: LOM 2030
>Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 08:32:12 -0500
>We have an LOM for sale (CHEAP). It's in great working condition and was
>calibrated to better than factory specs before we all but quit using it.
>For more info, please ask. The price is VERY LOW.
>Here's a forward of a message I sent to another prospective buyer:
>I cannot answer for anyone but myself, unfortunately one of our largest
>customers had a bad experience using an LOM model we built for them that
>was used to make an aluminum casting. They made it policy to eliminate LOM
>models all together, this also left a bad taste in people's mouths here
>too, we became afraid to quote LOM models to other customers as well. It's
>all a shame, since our machine was "tuned up" to build models even more
>precise than it did when we originally purchased it. Of all the 2030
>machines we've seen, this one is probably the most stable.
>The other reason we opt to use different methods to make models is their
>relative life expectancy. While LOM models are succeptable to dimensional
>breakdown from humidity, we make models now with 3 and 5 axis machines that
>are much more stable. I realize Helisys has done some work on "sealing"
>models, but this was announced after the incident we had.
>The lead time and cost are also relatively close to an LOM model,
>especially when you consider the accuracy and strength of a model made from
>modelling board or wood. We can also machine models up to 5' x 10' x 4',
>compared to the much smaller envelope on the LOM. We build relatively large
>models, many for castings producing molds for the recreational marine
>industry. This would be quite time consuming on an LOM, although it does
>lend itself quite nicely to difficult "pieces" on models, logos, and other
>small features.
>The machine is a 2030E. It was built in 1996. It's full model # is 2030E -
>The Serial # is 939, Laser Model #F48-5-28SW
>The machine is in excellent condition.
>It's dimensions are 82"long x 58"wide x 56" high
>It requires space all the way around the machine for access. We also have
>an extinguisher system hooked up, and a customized ventilation system that
>I'd send photos of if you're interested. It requires 220V, 60Hz, 50A power.
>Outside ventilation at 1000 CFM minimum. We've altered this to add a filter
>to the venting, to extend fan life in the venilation system. We also have
>several rolls of paper and some customized equipment that would go with the
>Glen Young
>CNC Engineer
>Lakeland Mold Company
>1021 Madison Street
>Brainerd, MN 56401
>(ph) (218) 824-3133
>(fax) (218) 828-0110
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