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Date: Tue Jun 19 2001 - 11:29:39 EEST

> Hi To all on this mailing list,
> "Is there anybody out there...." who can possibly help with a major
> problem that we're having with our Sinterstation 2000.
> Having had our Sinterstation for approx. 5 years now, everything has
> run smoothly until now....
> The problem being a persistent one which we or anyone else doesn't
> seem to have any answer too.
> This problem being, during the first 2-3 minutes of the build process
> the machine had this unfavorable habit of stopping the build process
> and shutting the machine down completely (fail-safe mode). During this
> time the warning "Laser Coolant Flow Is Low" being present on the CPU
> screen, while at the same time a number of alarms being sounded. One
> of these being the fault alarm and 'fault' indicator light on the ACU
> (atmospheric conditioning unit) inside the rear of the machine.
> Having checked everything, especially for coolant leaks, as
> recommended in the operating instructions, the problem was still
> unresolved.
> At this point, it was then decided to contact our local service agents
> and DTM themselves. It was recommended by both parties that the fault
> was with the coolant pump attached to the electric motor as part of
> the ACU. Therefore, we had no option but to replace this at great
> expense.
> Having done that, to our great dismay and frustration the problem was
> and still is persisting.... which is now becoming a "MAJOR PROBLEM"
> for us.
> To cut a long story short.... we have been back to DTM and their
> service agents who now seem to be "washing their hands" of our
> problem/s. Up until now, we have also tried everything else within our
> power, unfortunately to no avail....
> Has anyone else suffered or encountered such a problem like this
> before ?
> Therefore, with a plea to anyone out there, does anyone have any idea
> as to what this problem may be or what could be causing this problem ?
> Any feedback form anyone would be much appreciated.
> Just one point, from some experience with electric motors, as the
> coolant pump motor is shutting down immediately before any fault
> alarms are triggered, my personal feeling is that the thermal overload
> protection device (thermistor) within the motor itself could be at
> fault (i.e. gone open circuit) which could be causing the motor to
> stop independently of any other commands, therefore having a
> "knock-on" effect with the coolant flow and shutdown of our machine.
> Again, any help would be appreciated.
> Phil Mason.
> Prototype Manager

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