From: Brock Hinzmann (
Date: Tue Jun 19 2001 - 23:48:03 EEST

I like the name. Evan more than a contraction of personal factory, it
sounds like perfection or perfectory; a perfect factory. You might say it's
the perfect name. Let's hope it lives up to its name.

Brock Hinzmann
Technology Navigator
SRI Consulting
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Elaine Hunt wrote:
>>What is Perfactory??
>>How can I find out more?
>Since so many have asked about the Perfactory I thought I'd may as well
>tell everyone.
>Remember way back in 1995 when Brock Hinzman talked about such a
>Well Hendrik John of Envisiontec has developed such a low cost system.
>may reach him at or at

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