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From: MPack12345@aol.com
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 17:32:07 EEST

I understand that you have questions on our Objet Quadra. I would love to
have the opportunity to speak to you about them. If you would forward me your
phone number or call me at either of the numbers below, we could talk.
In regard to your question on flat, down facing geometries, here is the
The Objet Studio software automatically determines where to use support
material, and suggest the support structure. Nevertheless, the Objet Studio
software is very comfortable by allowing the user to change these default
values and to select from a variety of support structures and/or thickenings.
While printing a flat down-facing geometry, one may select between using the
support material, which will be removed afterward, or using the building
material. This depends on the parts’ geometry, undercut, dimensions etc. Once
again, the complete support selection and printout can be done automatically
by selecting suggested support structure.
I hope this helps.

Mark Packman
Objet Geometries, Inc.
(908)228-5400 - Office
(916)761-1715 - Cell

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