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I also agree that the majordomo <info> function can be a major spammer
resource, regrettably, it's the cost of doing business on a mailing list.

The alternative is to pay someone to moderate the list... and we saw what
potential problems that stirred up.

I have found majordomo very useful for locating a contact at a specific
company where I was not sure of the company's base address. Most company
e-mail servers are set up with a simple logic. You can make an educated
guess as long as you have the e-mail address of a co-worker.

Just trying to get my job done...

Larry Blasch

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Am Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2001 um 19:48 schrieb Blasch, Larry:

> (Address an e-mail to:)
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Thanks, Larry and others,

my intention was not to ask, _how_ to do this, but why this option isn't
turned off in majordomo. IMHO this is a fairly good source of addresses
for spammers.

Already got the first one from He claims to
have a rp-ml list, too. Why didn't he send this info to the list

After all, I don't want to flame anybody and can live well with this.
Just a thought.

Markus Hitter

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