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Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 01:02:17 EEST

National Institute Companies of America

Symbol: NICM
Listed: OTC Pink Sheets
Current Price: .03
52 Week High: .40
52 Week Low: .024

When the SEC put in new reporting requirements last year, over half the stocks on the
OTC Bulletin Board were kicked down to the Pink Sheets. While some have moved back up,
many have languished, and their prices have plunged. We would like to highlight
one company that looks ready for a comeback: National Institute Companies of America.

On June 22, NICM announced that they would be offering a new private label annuity product
developed by American General (NYSE: AGC-46.70), one of the nation's largest financial
services organizations. It is usually a very positive sign when a blue-chip like American General
wants to do business with a small company like NICM. We believe that this news is a signal
that management is showing that they want to do something about their depressed stock price.
Having traded as high as .77 last year, NICM has the look of a bargain on the shelf. Expect
more good news as their estate and financial planning businesses gear up for expansion.

As a result of these factors we believe that NICM presents an attractive buying opportunity
at prices up to 10 cents.

Always put in a specific price when entering orders on over the counter stocks to protect
from overpaying.

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