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Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 21:26:50 EEST

hopefully i'm not too late on this, but i would like to recommend
solidiform, in fort worth, texas. these guys pioneered quick-cast, and in
the years (maybe 10?) that they have worked with it, they have produced
castings in the tens of thousands. many of those castings were aircraft
parts, which obviously have very high quality requirements. simply put, i
doubt anybody knows the tricks of that particular trade any better than
larry andre' and his crew. they recently did a job for us at ignition, in
which they produced 150 prototypes - investment cast from quickcast patterns
- of an aluminum part that is about the size of my thumb. we had all the
parts in under 2 weeks, which was faster than the schedule they quoted to.
additionally, their customer service and attention to detail is top notch at
all times. the bottom line: they made us look good in front of our client,
and i would recommend them to anybody. oh, they also do sand casting.

will pattison, idsa
product development engineer

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Dear list,

I need some contacts with foundries that routinely cast steel and other
ferrous alloys from ACES, QuickCast, wax or other RP patterns. Any
recommendations ?

Thanks in advance for any response

P. Bernhard

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