FW: Bad Parts

From: Zubrickie, Robert F (bob@tycoelectronics.com)
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 16:55:09 EEST

        I run three different types of resins and have one doctor blade and
two zephyr recoaters and have seen this problem with all three. My
resolution to the problem is with the zephyr recoater, decrease the speed of
the recoating processes. One example is if you are recoating using the p1 of
12, increase this to p1 at 18. If the problem persists go from one sweep to
three sweeps while decreasing the blade gap. With the doctor blade move to
multiple sweeps, staying in increments of odd numbers like 1,3,5 and also
change blade gap during each sweep. One example is g1 300, g2 250, g3 200. I
hope this will help you out. The only other thing I encountered is
overcuring the hatches to much. You can check this out also.

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Subject: Bad Parts

Need some help on a 250 machine. I am using the 5240 resin. If I have
multiple parts on a platform, the last surface of the last part in the build
order is "Wavy". After days of building test parts, I have come to the
conclusion that it is a software problem in 3D LightYear. If anyone has this
problem or knows of any answer PLEASE contact me. The test parts can be very
simple just a 4 inch square that is about .05" thick, but you have to build
more than ONE.
Scott Deveau

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