Re: Rapid Tooling application.

Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 18:57:43 EEST

On Low volume prototypes what we do is build mold cavities using the 3D Keltool process, find out more at ( our web site ( These are steel cavities which we deliver in about 8-10 days. We then drill a sprue hole into the cavities and place them into a small plunger type manual molding machine. The piece part price for a 1000 parts will be a little higher than if a complete mold were built and ran automatic. Of course the cavities can always be fitted into a moldbase at a later date and the mold can be upgraded to a full mold once the volume warrants.
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering


Can anyone suggest a cost effective solution to prototype a auto
component and then take it through a vacuum casting system or anything
else that would give a mould to shoot out atleast a 1000 plastics parts.

This client visited Euromold and was told this can be done, by using
certain very hard epoxy molds which can give even a million parts.

Pradeep Ullal
Leading Edge Marketing Services, India

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