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>From CAD In this issue:
1. Your preferred CAD platform - survey results
2. Up to $50 finders fee
3. Feature article: Using "industry standard" software
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You recently received a survey from (a
publication of

To all those who recently responded to our CAD platform
survey, thanks for your valuable input.

Note that this is not a scientific survey, and it does not
reflect the actual usefulness of some of the lesser known
products. As a user of several of the "honorable mentions"
myself, I can say that some of them may be superior to the
more popular products...but we'll let you judge for

        SOFTWARE 2D 3D
        AutoCAD 40%
        Vectorworks 15% 3%
        ArchiCAD 10% 8%
        Powercad 10%
        3D Max 18%
        3D Viz 9%
        Form Z 23%
        Visual CAD
        Design Workshop
        Solid Works
        Strata 3D or Pro


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3. Feature article: Using "industry standard" CAD software

Our recent survey elicited a great deal of discussion over
"industry standard" software package vs. lesser-known
packages. Of course, the discussion predictably took us
into interesting debates on PC vs. Mac vs. Unix vs.
Apple-Unix, all of which have a legitimate role in the

While opinions run strong--and this comes from an avid Mac
fan (home) and begrudging PC user (office)--the bottom
line is that the beauty of the marketplace allows you to
choose what works best for you. Many times, no doubt, the
lure of being able to easily exchange drawing files with
companies using the most popular packages draws decision
makers into purchasing software that doesn't necessarily
work for them.

On the other hand, personal experience tells me that it is
sometimes necessary to know and use the industry standards
in order to (a) stay employed and (b) get important design
contracts. CAD users shouldn't be afraid to depart from
the standards in order to do the work they need. Although
costly for large firms, sometimes the answer may be to buy
both packages, or at least a scaled-down version of one of
them. This should solve any compatibility problems that
scare decision makers away from buying the best software.

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Happy drawing,

The Editor

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