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Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 00:00:00 EEST

 We are a factory that process and manufacture standardized ceramic material. Our factory is located in Zhujiang Delta, Xinhui Hetang Tagang precinct, which is a famous emigrant country. Communication on land and water is convenient. We mainly produce and sell the locally abundant clay, and also collect domestic high-quality porcelain clay. With the modern technology, our professional stuff monitor the production process strictly through technical test and standardized measurement. The whole production process, including raw material mining, mineral assorting, refining, and homogenizing, is controlled in the high-quality and steady condition, so that we can make sure the finished products meet the standard and the customers' requirement.
    Annually, 100 thousand ton porcelain clay in different types are processed, produced and sold. Our lines include mine run clay, black or white washed clay, processed black or white washed clay powder, washed kaolin, feldspar, talcum and dolomite. And washed clay is our main product. It is used for construction porcelain, sanitary ware, daily use ceramic flan glaze material, fire-proof material and paint additive.
    With nearly 10 years' experience of professional service and management, we have won trust and praise from the large domestic clay assortment factories, ceramic factories, and trade companies in this field. Except for selling our products to places round Guangdong, we also sell them to markets like Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia through the Hong Kong trade agencies.
    With the market competition becoming more and more intense, and the changing of consume conscious, the customers want not only products in low price, but also in good quality. We use high-quality material to improve different functions of our products. It is the trend that taking high-quality as market-winning point. We hope our good products can meet the market's need, thus pushing the development of the ceramic industry in our country.
    If you are interested in our products stated above, don't hesitate to contact us with you specific requirements. We can send you the samples, test analysis and the physics test report. We will pay full attention to your inquiries.

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