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From: Pattison, Will (
Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 18:53:36 EEST


i am looking for manufacturers to help with design and budget for a new
product. if anyone - especially you folks in asia or thereabouts - can
help, i would appreciate it. here is a general description:

a cutting instrument, not intended as a weapon or for medical use, but which
will have similar quality requirements. the blades must be very sharp, very
consistent, and resistant to corrosion. they must also maintain sharpness
with use, as resharpening them will not be possible. the blades will be
contained in a metal body which will have a jewelry/watch grade finish of
either silver or gold plate. the product will fit in the palm of a man's
hand. manufacturing cost is critical, but a high quality perception is also
essential, thus the tolerances will be very tight in certain areas. for
example, the thickness of the blades will need to be held to +/- 0.001" (+/-

thank you in advance!

will pattison, idsa
product developoment engineer
ignition (under renovation)

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