RE: Warm Up height for SLS

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Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 17:40:49 EEST

RP Scott-
        I have done a couple "emergency" builds without using any heat fence
and reducing my warm up height to .250". In each case the parts came out
well, but the builds only consisted of one or two small parts. I don't
think I would be so brave with a large build. I have also played around
with decreasing the minimum layer time to help decrease the warm up stage.
In one case I was able to make two good parts within three hours, that's
build setup to part in hand.


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        According to DTM's standard operating procedure,

        A build should start with a warm up stage where layers are spread
back and
        forth and built up as the temperatures ramp up.

        On my machine this is taking a good hour and a half.
        Then of course there is the heat fence part in the bottom of the
build . . .

        What experiences has anyone had with minimizing the time required
for these
        "pre-part-building" stages?


        "RP" Scott

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