Re: Surface roughness for different processes and orientations

From: Antonio Armillotta (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 15:32:57 EEST

Dear Neil,

The influence of surface orientation on accuracy and roughness has been
investigated in a study published as a technical report by Mike Shellabear
(EOS, Germany) within the RAPTEC project (Brite-Euram BE-2051). Professor
Henderson (Arizona State Univ.) has also published some results on FDM.

Papers from research groups at Univ. Maryland (Arni, Gupta) and Univ.
Austin (Thompson, Crawford) provide interesting insights on how surface
quality of RP parts should be evaluated.

Antonio Armillotta

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>A few years back, Phil Reeves (then of Nottingham University) did some work
>looking at surface roughness of SL parts for different build orientations.
>Has anyone done or seen any similar work for other processes? I am
>particularly interested in:
>SLS (glass filled nylon)
>Z Corp 3D printing (plaster)
>but would also appreciate any other related info.
>Many Thanks

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