z growth compensation on DTM 2500 plus

From: bbrown@wmt.com
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 19:25:24 EEST

rp-ml users:

Platform: DTM Sinterstation 2500plus

I have had several instances where a particular STL file will not build
properly with the "z growth compensation" turned on. Round objects come
out egg-shaped and sometimes the triangles are inverted somehow so that the
area that should be sintered is not and an adjacent area that should not be
sintered will be!?. Does anyone have any insight into this type of
problem? With the switch set to "off" it builds correctly and it only
happens rarely, usually with metric models or models that have been
converted from one CAD software to another, etc. DTM recommends this
setting to be "on" but should I just leave it "off" unless I have a growth
problem. I haven't experimented enough to know exactly how much of an
effect this switch has on a model (that doesn't have a problem). Anyone
with similar experiences? Can I tell if a model is going to have this
problem BEFORE I build it? Any help on this subject will be appreciated.

Brad Brown
Rapid Prototype Modeling Technician
Wright Medical Technology
(901)867-9971 ext. 3277

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