time compression for SLS, Keltool and LENS processes

From: Prasanna Nirgudkar (ppn104@psu.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 21:53:10 EEST

Hello everyone,
At Penn State University (University Park Campus), we have a Center for
Innovative Sintered Products (CISP). As part of this rapidly expanding R&D
group, we are looking into time compressing the following rapid tooling
processes for die compaction and powder injection molding tooling-
1) SLS
2) Keltool
4) CNC (we look at this process as a rapid tooling technique)
These processes can give us tools in around 10 days time (including lead time).
We have some ideas and plans for bringing down this time to a day or two!!!
Any suggestions or ideas for time compression are welcome!!!
Thanking you in anticipation,

Prasanna Nirgudkar
Research Assistant
The Center for Innovative Sintered Products (CISP)
Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

211 Leonhard Bldg. Tel: 814-865-8189
Penn State University Fax: 814-863-4745
University Park, email: ppn104@psu.edu
PA 16802. http://www.cisp.psu.edu/

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