From: Digital Jeweler (StevenP@DigitalJeweler.NET)
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 07:24:13 EEST

 [Image]I wanted to update the list on the happenings of Digital
        Jeweler®, the first instance of a CAD software operating ON the
        internet. To recap we have created a library of rules based
        jewelry CAD models that a jeweler can reconfigure in real-time
        to the gemstone sizes, gemstone types, finger size, and metal
        types their customer is requesting. Of course only the finger
        size and gemstone dimensions drive the geometry while the
        others drive the renderings and bill of materials.

        Photo rendered images are then available in about 45 seconds of
        processing time along with 3D vrml models for viewing. Upon
        the jeweler placing an order, Digital Jeweler LLC then prints a
        wax model using the new geometry, casts the wax, polishes the
        casting, and ships the mounting to the jewelry store ready for
        setting in a week.

        We have been live for two months and have attended the premier
        trade show in Las Vegas where we signed up 23 jewelry stores
        for $100 six month subscriptions. Since then we have processed
        a dozen custom jewelry orders which, while not making us an
        overnight success, moves us from the concept stage to the proof
        of concept area.

        Unlike the myriad dot.bombs, Digital Jeweler is financially
        sound and dedicated to this new area of e-manufacturing for the
        long haul.

        If any of you have ideas outside the jewelry field for this
        type of rules based CAD configurator, I invite you to contact
        our software engineer partners. They have developed an online
        platform that can handle all kinds of applications for
        configurable CAD models. There are all kinds of administrative
        functions which grant or deny access to sets of models, stages
        of models, or deliverables.

        Ron Mouw
        Configure One, LLC

        Any and all comments welcome.


        Steven Pollack
        President-Digital Jeweler, LLC

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