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Leading Manufacturers Impressed With Objet Geometries’ three-dimensional


Objet builds on success with expanded beta program for Objet Quadra™,
maintains schedule for commercial deliveries

Rehovot, Israel, July 19, 2001 – Objet Geometries, an innovative provider of
three-dimensional network printers and materials for the rapid prototyping
industry, today announced the highly successful completion of phase I of the
beta testing program for its Objet Quadra™ printer. Tested over a period of
several months at Ford Motor Company, Eastman Kodak Company, and Aran R&D
Company, the Objet Quadra proved to be an extremely powerful and reliable
development tool, yielding bottom-line benefits from the start.
Summing up their experiences with the Objet Quadra, beta testers singled out
the printer’s sophisticated modeling capabilities and the reliability and
productivity benefits it provides. “Overall, the results we have seen so far
have been super,” said John P. Hannigan, Development Engineer, Manufacturing
Process Development, at Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY. “The Objet
Quadra allows us to build parts and models that currently cannot be made
using other technologies. For the first time, we have the ability to print
components with fine detail, which is very exciting because it means we can
build and insert parts in functional models.”
At Aran R&D Company, the largest product development company and Rapid
Prototyping service bureau in Israel, the Objet Quadra has become an
integral part of operations. “The printer is already in constant use during
every shift, producing precise models for a wide variety of projects,” said
Amos Friedman, VP Operations at Aran R&D Company. “Thanks to the Objet
Quadra, we have been able to significantly reduce product development time.”
Commented Dick Wooldridge, Rapid Prototyping Foreman at Ford Motor Company
in Britain: “We are very pleased with the Objet Quadra printer. Despite the
fact it is a beta, there have been no major faults in the entire time it has
been operating at the plant. And, working with Objet is a pleasure, as their
customer support has been very professional and efficient.”
Following this initial success, the beta program has been expanded to a
total of eight sites to enable further fine-tuning of the machine and
testing of new software versions. The beta sites include global
manufacturing leaders and major service bureaus in the USA, Europe and
“The Objet Quadra’s performance in the field has exceeded expectations,”
noted David Ofek, President and CEO of Objet Geometries Ltd. “In light of
the smooth operation and high-quality output achieved at our initial beta
sites, we are on target to begin commercial deliveries in September, keeping
to our previously announced timetable.”
About the Objet Quadra Printer
The Objet Quadra is designed to provide high-quality models quickly and
conveniently throughout the design process, thereby shortening product
development cycles, dramatically shortening the time to market of new
products in a wide range of industries.
The Objet Quadra process is based on state-of-the-art ink jet printing
technology. It uses 1536 nozzles to jet layer upon layer of an
Objet-developed photopolymer, with each layer cured by exposure to UV light.
The innovative design of the Objet Quadra incorporates advances in software,
electronics, mechanical design, and materials. Models produced on the Objet
Quadra printer have properties unavailable to other jetting technologies
used to produce three-dimensional models. A significant advantage of the
Objet Quadra is its ability to jet a second material to support models
containing complicated geometry, such as overhangs and undercuts. The Objet
Quadra prints in a resolution of 600dpi in the X-axis, 300dpi in the Y-axis,
and with a layer thickness of 20 microns (1200dpi), and builds parts of up
to 270 x 300 x 200mm (10.6” x 11.8” x 7.8”).

About Objet Geometries
Objet develops and produces three-dimensional network printers and materials
that create models directly from three-dimensional CAD files using
innovative hardware, software and polymer materials. The Objet Quadra
printer is used as an output device for digital files created by designers
and engineers in a wide variety of industries who need to physically verify
their designs early in the product development process. Based in Rehovot,
Israel, Objet Geometries Ltd. was founded in 1998. Objet operates a wholly
owned subsidiary in the US, Objet Geometries, Inc., based in Mountainside,
New Jersey. It also operates a sales and support office in Zaventem Belgium,
Objet Geometries Europe S.A. The company currently employs 70 people
For additional information, visit the company's Website at
<http://www.2objet.com/> http://www.2objet.com/ or contact:
Objet Geometries Inc., Tel: 908 228-5400
Objet Geometries Ltd., Tel. +972-8-940-9717 (Israel)
Objet Geometries Europe S.A., Tel. +32-2-717-6511 (Europe)
Email: info@objet.co.il
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trademarks of Objet Geometries Ltd. and may be registered in certain

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