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Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 07:42:47 EEST

China's rapid economic growth, as ranked by the World Bank, is TEN TIMES
FASTER than the world economy.

The only thing US investors should be asking themselves is, "How can I
participate in this explosion?" We have the answer. Texas-based, Inc. (OTC BB trading symbol: CMNW) may unlock
China's amazing potential.


Texas-based Inc. (OTCBB trading symbol: CMNW)
announces today that a top representative from CMNW will be traveling to
China in an attempt to negotiate with one of China's top manufacturers of
high pressure laminate products for CMNW to act as a worldwide distributor
of its products. You know what the Chinese did to the global steel market:
they captured it! China is now set to conquer another major commodity, and
you can profit right along with them. This is just one example of how CMNW
may make company history.

Opening China's Door

Using hard-won experience gained in the survivor-takes-all US Internet market,
CMNW developed technology that makes it possible for China's millions of
entrepreneurs, small and medium sized companies, and major corporations to
do business worldwide via the Internet. Chinese makers of porcelain, for
example, can deal direct with US consumers and retailers. Say "goodbye" to
the layers of middlemen.

CMNW strives to become a World Wide Wholesaler

CMNW is attempting to become an International wholesaler to the world. This
is an enormous goal. Many believe that trade with China built the world's greatest
fortunes, from the golden age of Venice to the British Empire. Now this potential
is being transferred to the Internet, and CMNW will attempt to capture it.

CMNW puts all this into your portfolio: stability of a US-based company...
sky-rocketing China market...convenience of a US-listed stock...dynamics of
a growth company.

*** For the latest quarterly report on CMNW, go to ***

Obviously, you cannot go back in time to the year 1901 and invest in baby US
companies like Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson as they were getting started.
But you can grab the modern day equivalent. That's right. The growth
potential in China at this very minute is like the United States at the start
of the 20th century -- perhaps even greater.

There's much more to the CMNW story. Including a major expansion into Mexico.

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