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From: Bathsheba Grossman (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 21:50:25 EEST

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Terry T. Wohlers wrote:
> That's correct. I found it fairly easy to remove the unwanted material by
> peeling away unwanted layers. I believe the technology behind this
> separation method is being kept quiet by the company, at least for now.

Do you think it would work for a shape with a lot of interior? I'm
imagining the layers as plastic sheets, and if, for instance, one
built a birdcage type of form, it seems as though the extra material
inside could be trapped. I.e., you'd only be able to get the extra
material out through the bars by rolling up each layer, and there
would be no room to start.

Does that make sense, or do I have the wrong picture? Of course what
I'm really thinking about is whether it would work for my sculpture.

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