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Surface finish: The clear, glossy PVC sheet material give the edges of
each layer a pronounced appearance. The three models that I'm currently
looking at are from an alpha machine, so Solidimension is bound to make

Accuracy: I have no idea how accurate it is. The machine "should" be able
to produce parts that are similar in accuracy to the LOM process, but
that's a guess on my part.

Lamination: The layers are bonded together using a liquid. The name of
the liquid and the method of deposition may be a secret, so I prefer that
you obtain this information from the company.

Price: As far as I know, they have not yet settled on a price. I know
that they are planning to make it inexpensive, although inexpensive to one
organization may be a small fortune to another, such as a school.

I hope this is more information than you had.

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>I posted this note to Terry but he suggested that others may have similar
questions and asked that it be posted on the RPML.
Terry, since you've seen the machine first hand, how would your rate the
finish and accuracy of the models made. Is it better than what LOM was
to achieve, particularly in the Z direction? How are the layers bonded? Any
idea how expensive is the system is? Thanks in advance for the info.

Sean Wise

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