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From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 06:55:49 EEST

> Bathsheba,
> You are right: It may be difficult to remove the unwanted material from
> some parts, or in your case, some sculptures. It's an inherent problem
> with most lamination systems.
> Terry

    This is one of the problems solved by Offset Fabbing, the technology
developed by Ennex Corporation. We can remove all interior material if the
slope of interior walls is gradual enough to support the roof of the
structure. Or we can leave just enough material inside to provide a
supporting scaffolding while removing everything else. Since we can use
different materials, the supports can be made of a soluble or meltable
material and if a small hole is left in the structure, the small supporting
scaffolding can be melted or dissolved out.

    This technology is not available commercially, so please do not inquire
about price and other details. We would, however, welcome inquiries from
companies that could partner with us on completing commercial development of
the product. Please see for more

Best regards,
Marshall Burns
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