FDM 2000 Slipping in -y

From: Julia McDonald (j.mcdonald@coventry.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 11:38:33 EEST

FDM operators

We are currently having problems with one of our FDM 2000 machines, as
during builds the head appears to be slipping in the minus (-) y direction.
Models have been built that have a number of large steps in this direction
that seem independent of the build height or geometry.

So far we have tried,
Sending SSWIPE followed by SSBUTTON
Tightening the drive cables
Reducing the head bearing tightness
Both motor connectors have been checked and each motor appears to be working

The advice from our supplier is a new xy plotter mechanism, we are seeing if
we can avoid this expense! Please forward any advice to.......

Cheers Adam

Adam Stringer
Project Officer
Product Development Unit
Coventry University
Tel: 024 7688 8084

Julia McDonald
Programme Manager
Product Development Unit
Coventry University
Tel: 024 7688 7013

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