Worldwide Guide to RP Resources Web Site Update

Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 21:10:47 EEST

Good Day:

Several helpful additions and updates have been made to the Worldwide Guide
to Rapid Prototyping web site:

*** Mom - The Mother of All RP Bibliographies - has been updated with more
than 300 additional recent references. This is the largest source of
technical information for RP on the planet and now has nearly 3,400
citations. Recent additions to the database include abstracts of
dissertations and reports from Clemson University's Laboratory to Advance
Industrial Prototyping. Thanks very much to Elaine Hunt, Director, for
providing this useful and significant addition covering more than ten years
of work.

*** The Worldwide RP Service Bureau Guide has been updated with hundreds of
changes and additions. Nearly 540 service providing locations are now listed
and many have extensive descriptions of their specialties. Navigation of the
site has been made even faster.

*** An updated version of the Service Bureau Database is available for
companies doing business with service bureaus. This inexpensive Database now
also includes listings for technologies available from each SB, as well as
fundamental contact info for each location.

*** Our RP patent database has been updated and now contains information on
nearly 750 US patents for this field. Due to recent US legal changes,
published patent applications are now also available. Eleven RP applications
have appeared in roughly the last month, and some of these are less than six
months old. They give important clues to where this field is going.

*** The Compleat Rapid Prototyping Mailing List (RPML) Archive has been
updated through 7/18/01. Nearly every posting from close to the last six
years is available in downloadable text format as several zip files. The
almost 17,000 pages constitute a deep source of technology and marketing
information about RP and related areas.


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