RE: STL file of a cat

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Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 13:50:14 EEST

Sorry, I could only find 2D scans,

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At 23:31 7.8.2001 -0700, Rob Browne wrote:
>If you can find no other... I sculpted a sleeping cat sometime ago, and
>would be willing to give you a plaster cast for scanning in exchange for a
>copy of the STL file.

So you're thinking about CAT-scanning... :O)

...Sorry people I just had to...;O)>

By the way, just like RapidDude I've also left "The Building" and (after a
short visit to Rand Worldwide) I'm currently working for PI-Group. I'm
still trying to keep my eyes open for RE and RP.



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