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Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 18:31:55 EEST


Today I found something that may excite you.
Some of you may already know a little about this...
Researchers at Brandeis University have come up with an amazing display of
AI with huge potential.
Scary potential even...

Check out:

Some of you probably run SETI@home This project also has (among other
programs) a screen saver. This is the cool part... that randomly creates
robots of varying intelligence
and ability. The program keeps track of the robot population and only allows
the fittest to survive. Fitness is judged (among other things)
by how far you robot can "walk" (mine only crawl so far). The fitter the
robot the more chance it has for survival. The amazing part is,
the longer you run the screen saver, the more your robots evolve. There are
two more amazingly cool parts to this project. One is that
your robots "migrate" randomly to other peoples screen savers! Other robots
migrate to yours! Very cool. Coolest of all, the team actually
builds the robots! Admittedly, it has to be one incredibly fit robot.
Check it out if you want. They even have a Yahoo group.

You can get copies or your robots in STL format if you want to build them.

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I am!

download the screensaver here:

see the coolest robots (so far) here:

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