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Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 21:47:21 EEST


the following are for as cast.
no heat treat

Here's what I found on A380 die cast

Unit Value
W/m-K 109
BTU in/(hr-ft-F) 756.46
J m/min-m-C 6540
ft-lb in /(hr-ft-F) 588099.69
cal cm/sec-cm-C 0.260292
W/m-C 109

and A356 perm cast

Unit Value
W/m-K 167
BTU in/(hr-ft-F) 1158.98
J m/min-m-C 10020
ft-lb in /(hr-ft-F) 901033.47
cal cm/sec-cm-C 0.398796
W/m-C 167

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Once again, I turn to this list for an answer I cannot find in the real
world. I need to get a comparison on a job I'm doing now, between the thermal
conductivity of A356 (0.36 @ 25-C, CGS) & A380. My metals book does not list
physical properties for diecast alloys. Go figure!

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