prototype castings needed right away

Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 21:12:51 EEST

Here's my story - I had a job being prototyped - 10 pieces of an aluminum 380
diecast heatsink being prototyped in 356-T51 aluminum as investment castings.
Unfortunately, my customer needs these parts for physical testing & the
thermal conductivity of 356 is too high. The foundry we had lined up only
pours 356.

As of tomorrow I will have 12 SLS Castform patterns ready to ship. I need
someone who can convert these patterns into castings in one of the following
3 alloys:

A380 - diecast alloy
A380-T5 casting alloy
707.0-T7 casting alloy

These are the only 3 alloys I could find that have Thermal Conductivity < or
= to A380 & similar UTS & YS. If you know of any other alloys that would
work, I'm open to suggestions but it cannot exceed the Thermal Conductivity
of A380 at all.

Any takers?

Roy Sheppard, Jr.

Roy Sheppard, Jr. CPMR
Atlantic Technical Components, Inc.
269 Heather Lane
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
201-337-2477 || 201-337-3008 FAX

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