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From: dccadmin@ibsystems.com
Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 20:49:45 EEST

Dear DCC Professional:
 IBSystems, Inc. develops and manages targeted web portals. Our current
 portals focus on Electronic Design Automation, Mechanical Design Automation,
 and Geographical Information Systems.
 We are poised to launch a new portal directed to meeting the needs of the
 Digital Content Creation community. Before we do, we would greatly appreciate
 your feedback and suggestions to insure that this portal truly meets your needs,
 and the needs of the DCC community.
 Please take a minute to visit http://www.DCCCafe.com . This mock-up shows proposed
 features and also includes a text entry box for your comments and suggestions.
 We've also included an entry form to our Visor Prism sweepstakes on the page to give
 you a chance to win this prize for helping.
 I greatly appreciate your assistance with this. We want to make this portal
 the best it can be.
 Thank you,
 David Heller
 President & CEO
 IBSystems, Inc.
 496 Salmar Avenue
 Campbell, CA 95008

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