executable slice routine wanted

From: Maggy Rond (mrond160@freeler.nl)
Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 22:36:28 EEST

I'm an artist, not a programmer. I want to use an ordinary cutting plotter with Windows 9x "printer" driver to cut LOM slices. I'm able to save my solid models as .STL files, so the only step missing is a little program that slices my .STL files and sends the outline to the plotter driver. It would be nice if it allowed scaling of the solid model and setting the slice direction. I know that there are commercial products available, but I can't afford to buy any of these.
By the way, I have one other wish: I'm trying to find a photogrammetry program that accepts .jpg pictures from my digital camera and builds a solid object file (.DXF or .STL or so), preferably using a projected grid on the original object. I already use 3 different photogrammetry programs that do not use projected grids but manually pointing out either outlines or corresponding points in the jpg pictures and I don't like the results.
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