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Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 02:09:25 EEST

Hello Steve,

If you scan both sides of an object on the Picza, how do you then put the two files together into one? What format(s) can you then export?
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  We have 7 different scanning devices from Cyberware, Mensi, and also the
  Picza~Modela. I have found that the Picza is excellent for high-resolution
  scans on very small objects...and I mean VERY small. The last scan I did on
  the Picza was of a four by four inch square with 1/4" detail height at .002"
  sample spacing and the scan took over four days! The results were worth the
  wait, however.

  You will find some difficulty converting your multiple 3-axis scans to make a
  360 degree object. The Picza scans only one side of an object at a time and
  has no provision for merging multiple scan sets.


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