Lepel Furnace Market

From: Bill Bankes (bbankes@globalms.com)
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 20:47:37 EEST

BlankI have 2 Lepel Induction furnaces for sale. The large one is 20KVA and
the small one is 2.5 KVA. They are in excellent condition. There are used
for melting glass ceramics, or hardening tools depending on the coil design.
The large one could melt up to 50 lb of bronze.

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  If anyone knows the whereabouts of an unused Lindburg furnaces that DTM
sold with RapidSteel 1 & 2. Many new users using DTM's Laser Form ST100 use
an oven. Some if not all RapidSteel users may have retired their furnace.
  We need a retort liner and the inside front door liner.

  Your rapid response would really be appreciated.

  Please contact Marta@paramount.com or call 215-757-9611 x228

  Thank you,
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