Market Opportunity - Nu Electric

Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 12:53:01 EEST


Symbol: NRGE
Listed: OTC Bulletin Board
2001 Price Range: $.38 - 1.89
Recent Price: $.58
Shares Outstanding: 4.7 Million
Estimated Float: 1.4 Million

In a rebuff to President Bush, the Republican-led House of Representatives
recently voted 218-189 to require the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”)
to implement a tough new standard against arsenic in tap water. A likely
beneficiary is Nu Electric (“NRGE”), a small pure-play company marketing a
patented process for arsenic removal. With the stock down about 80% from the
August 2000 peak of $3, a new look could be profitable for investors.

In 1999, the National Research Council found that arsenic in water can cause
bladder, lung and skin cancer. The report estimated that the cancer mortality
rate among individuals who drank water containing 50 parts per billion (the
current standard) was 1 in 100 - a higher risk factor than the EPA has ever
allowed for all of the other substances it regulates in drinking water. The
proposed new level of 10 parts per billion could take effect when the EPA’s
new budget kicks in sometime after October 1.

NuElectric is an incubator company that is the product of two acquisitions.
Clean Water Technologies (arsenic) was purchased in 1999. They are also
developing Zorax, Inc. (acquired in September 2000), which has an exclusive
license for a technology that extracts and identifies dangerous cryptosporidium
and giardia, two waterborne parasites that can cause serious gastrointestinal
problems. The current allowable parts per billion allowed by the EPA for these
two organisms has already been zero.

This past Friday, NRGE announced that they were considering another technology
merger. The acquisition target has an electronic system developed by a nationally
known research facility. "Since the new technology is already patented, we could
hit the ground running with it," stated President Laurie C. Scala.

NRGE tends to be volatile, and the small floating supply has led to rapid price
increases in the past when buying pressure comes in. They have been an SEC fully
reporting company since January 2000, and financial information is available
at the usual major web sites. We believe that Nu Electric presents an attractive
buying opportunity before the U.S. Senate votes on the issue after the August

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