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From: todd cleverley (tcleverley@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 04:58:06 EEST

  dear list,
I recently went through my year-end review. The good news, they're keeping
me--the bad, I've apparently hit the ceiling as far as pay rate goes. I must
say I was a bit shocked by this information and honestly find it hard to
believe. I've seen postings of salaries and qualifications in the past, but
unfortunately cannot locate this info now. I was hoping for some insight
into a salary range for my skills:

    All aspects of model shop fabrication (SLA, SLS, silicone molding,
urethane production,and light machining)
    Prototype epoxy molding (engineering materials)
    Quality Assurance(ISO 9001, FDA, and European Standards)
    SME member

  I'm just looking for a general idea, and any help in this area would be
greatly appreciated.

                                              thank you,

                                               Todd Cleverley

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