Corporate layoffs & paycuts

Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 16:01:18 EEST


Don't complain if that's all that has happened to you. Our company has laid off
people, stopped paying into our profit sharing, stopped bonuses & lowered our
pay by 10%.
So don't worry be happy.


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on 8/21/01 12:58 AM, todd cleverley at wrote:

> dear list,
> I recently went through my year-end review. The good news, they're keeping
> me--the bad, I've apparently hit the ceiling as far as pay rate goes.


In my experience this is corporate double speek for "The CEO bought a bigger
yacht and we're making the payments by stiffing the employees out of their
I worked for a large commercial screen printer several years ago. After a
company wide meeting we were told that it was a bad year and no one would be
getting raises, and several people were laid off.
Later that week, the CEO got rid of his 2 year old BMW and got a new Lexus!
His reward for his brilliant restructuring plan.
Of course, he was the guy who steered the company into the mess it ws in,
but nobody dared talk about the obvious!
Hang tight, something better will come along.

Paul Burr

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